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Disclaimer of Liability

This firmware upgrade provides users with the ability to capture images at low-noise levels. However, ISO 50 has a narrow dynamic range unlike the DP1's ISO 100 and above settings and therefore may blow out highlight detail such as brightness or high saturation areas. This means photographers need to work a bit more carefully.

To use the ISO 50 setting for the best results, Sigma advises its photographers to pay attention to the following points.

Please meter accurately when using ISO 50. The camera's built-in metering system will produce excellent results under most conditions. In high dynamic range settings, however, we advise using Spot metering and taking a reading of the brightest part of the image. You can then adjust the EV by one or two stops to account for the brightness of that object. We recommend using the Auto Bracketing function.

For shooting in critical landscape settings where ISO 50 provides exceptional detail with little noise, we advise using manual (M) mode to shoot. Meter carefully and then adjust the settings after taking a test shot and reviewing the histogram.

For regular shooting, Sigma recommends using Auto mode, Program (P), Aperture Priority (A), or Shutter Speed Priority (S). Under normal circumstances, the camera will produce exceptional results using matrix metering and the camera's normal automatic functions. If conditions require it, you may wish to adjust the EV setting to -0.3 for a little more protection of the highlights.

ISO50 can provide the exceptional result for taking the pictures of landscape etc with the fine details and the lower noise. We hope all the photographers enjoy shooting the high quality images at ISO50.

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